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Better Support, Better Options – the key objectives of the project include an exchange of professional experience and good practices along with creating materials and IT Tools supporting the process of career consulting for the Deaf and the Hearing Impaired. 

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Project results:

  1. Career counselling manual
  2.  Survey for graduates
  3.  Project leaflet

Together We Can – is a project to support deaf people from education into employment

Teaching Sign Languagethis project is putting sign language assessments into the Common European framework for languages (See VIDEO)

Teaching English to Deaf Students – this project is producing guidelines for helping deaf students to learn English




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SensNet - the project is aimed at creating a european academy that will develop and valorise innovative approaches and contents that will be tailored to the specific needs of professionals that work with ageing people with sensory impairments. The partnership of SensNet is developing training materials in 4 modules : Lighting and ergonomics, ICT, Access to culture and hearing impairement specificities which will enable these professionals to get aware for the support in daily living situations

ProDeafToolKit – this project is a training package for Deaf Awareness.

HIPEN Junior – this project facilitates our students making visits to other member organisations to meet other deaf students and experience different cultures across Europe. HIPEN Junior Project has taken place over a number of years.

Oldinc -Oral Language Developement for Inclusion (from 0 to 6)


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John Harris
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