Membership of HIPEN

The Application Form is on this website. Please contact the Network Coordinator (John Harris This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) with any questions.


General principles

Membership is available to organisations providing services for people with hearing impairments.

Each Member must approve the Memorandum of Understanding.
Each Member agrees to pay the contribution sum as established by the Membership (see § 8 above).


How to Join Us

The candidate organisation for Membership will send a completed Application Form (by email and by post) to the Network Coordinator in which are made clear the activities of the organisation and the reasons for applying for Membership.

The Board will decide whether this organisation might be a potential candidate. If so, a delegation of the Board together with the coordinator will contact the organisation to discuss the application.

Based on the report of the delegation, the Board will accept or decline the application of the candidate organisation.

The Board will send the decision to the candidate organisation which countersigns the memorandum of understanding and returns this to the Board.

The Applicant Organisation will be expected to make a presentation to the next General Meeting of the Membership about its activities and practice.


John Harris

John Harris
tel: +44 7774 976827


Philippe Belseur

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