HIPEN is a network of organisations within the EU which are particularly active in providing services for people of all ages with hearing impairments including rehabilitation, education, employment, vocational training, and research.

HIPEN exists to develop and promote the activities of service providers in their work to improve the position of people who have hearing impairments.

HIPEN is aware of growing European Unification and of the necessity for co-operation on a permanent basis within the EU in order to promote these activities.


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HIPEN has the following objectives:

  • To exchange and develop with Members models of best practice in the field of education and training for people of all ages who are deaf/hearing impaired.
  • To lobby within the EU in order to promote our activities and interests as professional workers in the education and training of people who are deaf/hearing impaired, including raising public awareness of the needs of deaf and hearing impaired people.
  • To develop and, where appropriate, manage projects on specific topics in which Members are interested, with funding from external sources.
  • To support work groups with Members from each organisation in order to develop models of best practice and ideas for such projects.
  • To establish and coordinate communications to the best appropriate standard between Members and within the network.
  • Through its actions, HIPEN supports the Declaration by the United Nations on the Rights of Disabled Persons (1975)


How we work:

has two General Meetings each year and member organisations across Europe take turns to be host. The autumn meeting focuses on European projects – topics, participants and applications. We are proud of many completed and ongoing projects which are funded by Europe. The projects include professional exchanges, student exchanges, sharing our expertise, learning from each other and devising toolkits, guides and assessments to be used by professionals in their work. Project reports and news can be seen on our website.

This valuable network has been in existence for eight years and has members across Europe: east and west and including Scandinavia. Our spring meeting concentrates on agreed topics and hosting centres invite local experts and arrange educational and clinical visits, lectures and workshops.


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John Harris

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