School with boarding for students with hearing and speech disabilities MAY.

Jagodina, Republic of Serbia


In the centuries old cultural history of Jagodina our school holds a special place among the cultural and educational institutions in the city and region. It is one of the oldest state special education institution in Serbia and Yugoslavia, and the fourth special educational school for children with hearing and speech impairments (after Zagreb in 1885 Belgrade in 1897 and Ljubljana in 1990).

The school provides quality programs for preschoolers with disabilities: emotionally and learning disabled and preschoolers who are developmentally delayed.

The school provides primary education programs for children who are developmentally delayed, deaf, emotionally and learning disabled.

The school provides vocational training and education for secondary school students with disabilities in the following areas:

  1. Agriculture, food production and processing, educational profile: Baker (triennial term)
  2. Chemistry, non-metals and graphic designing, educational profile: Bookbinder (triennial term)
  3. Mechanical engineering and metalworking, educational profile:
    Auto body repair technician (triennial term)
  4. Personal services, educational profile:
    male and female hairdresser (triennial term)

The school provides accommodation and meals for students.Permanent professional development of all our staff is required so that we can keep track of and use the latest development in the special education institutions.
Our secondary goal is to support and help the mainstream schools in their efforts to include students with disabilities into mainstream education. Our teachers and staff organize various seminars and workshops for the mainstream teachers in which they learn how to write an Individual Educational Program for students, and how to help the process of rehabilitation and education of students with disabilities.
Our main goal is to connect with other special education institutions from Europe so that we could share our experiences, knowledge and latest developments.


Dragana Kova.evi., director
Tel: +38135223204, +38163631220
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John Harris

John Harris
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Philippe Belseur

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