Grupul Scolar Bivolarie is situated in the town called Vicovu de Sus, in Suceava, a beautiful place in the north of Romania. It is 560 km away from Bucharest and 5 km away from Ukraine.

Our school was founded in Cernauti in 1910 and it was called “The institute for blind and deaf persons- Her Majesty, Queen Mary”. In 1943 it was moved to Bivolarie in an ex-Austro-Hungarian army building and it was adapted for teaching.

Today here we have 180 pupils from all over the country learning in our school, all with hearing impairments. They are organized in 19 classes: 2 for pre-primary school, 5 for primary school, 5 for secondary school, 3 for vocational school and 4 for high school. Our school developed considerably in the last years. Our pupils learn, eat and sleep in our unit; they only go home for the weekends or holidays.

All our teachers are qualified for special education and they teach by adapting regular manuals. Teachers and pupils have a good communication, both verbal and sign language. There are only 3 schools as ours in Romania. Considering this, we can say that “Grupul Scolar Bivolarie” is an important school for special education with an important role for the children with hearing impairments.

The target group:

    Deaf children and children with hearing impairments
    parents / tutors of children with hearing impairments

Specific programs /Activities: :

    Early intervention
    Specific and compensation therapies
    Activities for social and professional integration



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Tel: 0040 230 41 22 62
Fax: 0040 230 41 21 55
Address: Str. Ştefan cel Mare nr. 171, Vicovu de Sus, 727611 Suceava, Romania
Managing Director: Mihai Stan  0744 581375


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John Harris
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