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SECONDARY VOCATIONAL SCHOOL for pupils with hearing impairment
SECONDARY GRAMMAR SCHOOL for pupils with hearing impairment
SECONDARY APPRENTICE SCHOOL for pupils with hearing impairment


Kocelova 26, 821 08 Bratislava, Slovakia

Our school is a secondary boarding school for pupils with hearing impairment. It was established in 1947. For almost 65 years young hearing impaired people (from 15 to 26) from all over Slovakia have been attending our school. In the last years also pupils with another disabilities, who require individual approach and slower advancement in education, have been coming to our school.

Our main goal is to behave and educate our pupils well. We are trying to:

  • improve their vocabulary (in Slovak language, Slovak Sign language and English language),
  • highlight our school and the community of hearing impaired people in Slovakia,
  • increase the level of IT skills,
  • provide high quality education in all our courses

Since 2010 our school has had three parts:

  1. SECONDARY VOCATIONAL SCHOOL for pupils with hearing impairment ISCED 3A Fields of study: engineering, cosmetics, cosmetics and visage, mechanics and electrotechnics, mechanics of computer networks, graphic systems in clothing industry, graphic design ISCED 3A (further education) Fields of study: undertaking in crafts and services, hair cosmetics ISCED 3C Fields of study: mechanical engineering, mechanics and electrotechnics, hairdressing, upholstery, gardening, bookbinding, technical administration
  2. SECONDARY GRAMMAR SCHOOL for pupils with hearing impairment ISCED 3A: general courses
  3. SECONDARY APPRENTICE SCHOOL for pupils with hearing impairment (hearing and mental disability) ISCED 2C Fields of study: mechanical manufacturing, agricultural manufacturing, polygraphic manufacturing

Our school has a students residence, a school canteen, a gym and several specialized classrooms. Education is provided by specialized teachers and masters of vocational training; other services and support are provided by school psychologist, speech therapist, social worker and nurse. Except the speech therapy there is a special subject called “communication skills“ in our curriculum which is focused on teaching correct pronunciation, developing of logical thinking and communication.

After school, there is a wide range of extracurricular activities for all our pupils, for example: computing, sport, art and drama club, the school magazine and reading comprehension.

Other activities in our school include: the school theatre DIKO, the school magazine Amplion, various competitions (according to the field of study: bookbinding, hairdressing, IT, sport...), reading with a broadsheet newspaper, a language contest in Slovak and English language, “Everyone entertains everyone“ – a goodbye party with graduating pupils or charity work (League against cancer).

During the school year we attend various events and competitions (school competitions, national or international). Our school also provides different courses: weldering course, skiing course, swimming course, rafting, social-rehabilitation course.

We closely cooperate with other schools for pupils with hearing impairment, mainstream secondary schools, state institutions, private companies and organizations of people with hearing impairment. We participate in different projects on the national as well as on the international level.

The school director: Mrs Eva Kršková
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Telephone number: 00421 02 555 645 82

Stredná odborná škola pre žiakov so sluchovým postihnutím
Gymnázium pre žiakov so sluchovým postihnutím
Odborné ucilište pre žiakov so sluchovým postihnutím
Kocelova 26
821 08 Bratislava


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John Harris
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