Krakovian Secondary School for Young People with Hearing Impairments (Poland)


Krakovian Secondary School for Young People with Hearing Impairments was founded in 1950. It educates students aged 16-24 who have graduated from a middle school. The facility provides five types of education:

    Comprehensive School
    Secondary Vocational School
    Vocational School
    Supplementary Vocational School
    Vocational College

Our educational centre is a residential facility located in the south of Poland. It caters for young people who are deaf or hearing impaired, within the intellectual norm, as well as those who have other associated disorders. We are continuously modifying specialties at our educational units, keeping them up to date with the needs of the labour market and adjusting them to the intellectual capacity of young people.

At our establishment young people study both academic and vocational subjects. A range of assistive technology facilitates the process of learning. Each year our students participate in vocational training programs which take place in Poland as well as abroad (Germany and France). In the afternoons students take part in a variety of extra-curricular activities that help them develop their interests.

A wide range of qualified teachers, specialists in methodologies of the deaf and the hard of hearing, experts in sign language, provides high quality of teaching. Moreover, constant care of a psychologist and numerous educators increases students’ independence and facilitates their adaptation to the society of the hearing people.


Mrs. Mrs. Maria Kromka, Managing Director
Mailing address:
Specjalny Ośrodek Szkolno-Wychowawczy dla Niesłyszących
ul. Grochowa 19
30-731 Kraków


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