Oslo Voksenopplæring Skullerud, Department for deaf and hearing-impaired

Skullerud Oslo

Provides adult education for people with hearing impairments.

The department has 100 students. Norwegian sign language is the main teaching language for deaf students and sign supported communication for hard of hearing students.

Communication is adapted to previous communication skills.

All students have their individual learning – plan.

Some students have higher education from colleges and universities, others have little or no formal education from their native country, some are illiterates.

Some have a full native sign language, others have no knowledge of neither their native nor Norwegian sign language.

Subjects of education and training:

  • Basic education in written Norwegian for all students.
  • Social studies and Norwegian sign language for refugees and immigrants / non native speakers.
  • Alternative communication for people who have partially lost their hearing or gone deaf
  • Teaching of signs supporting Norwegian speech and lip reading.
  • Teaching in use of new technology – ICT
  • Everyday living skills
  • Alternative methods of communication
  • Communication for deaf - blind
  • Tactile sign-language
  • Haptic communication
  • Learning to handle every-day life at work
  • Work related training
  • Lessons per week vary form 6 – 20
  • We use the same curriculum as hearing students, but adapt the material and communication to our target group.
  • Students can get exams in written Norwegian and sign language.



Phone : + 47 23 46 49 00

Contact manager :Thorhild Løkkeberg Pedersen
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Post address:
Oslo Voksenopplæring Skullerud
Postboks 8, Skullerud,0624 Oslo, Norway


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