Institut La PERSAGOTIERE, Nantes

Institut La Persagotiè, Nantes Persagotiere

La Persagotiere Institut is a ressources center for people who suffer of deaf impairment or language disorder. The aim of our project is to enable the autonomy and inclusion, in the society, at school or at work in mainstream. The institute provides specialised services at school for students from 3 to 20 years old. We organize all the services in mainstream school, in order to allow integration and a better social inclusion and the autonomy of the kids. We also support the environment by giving advices, adapting technical materials, or delivering formations. Depending of their needs and requests, children can benefit from communication skills, pedagogical support, family support, specialised therapy, in their mainstream school. More than 80 students are concerned by these individual proximity actions. We also provide specialised school organisation for 80 students. In this case, students can benefit of a group of pairs, where communication skills are experienced. All these specialised classes are organised in mainstream schools. More than 1500 persons benefit from support services in the field of employment, social support, formation, training on technical devices, diagnosis and advices, adapted communication and LSF interpretation.




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John Harris
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